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freddavisFred David’s BIG Café Success Story

Fred David attends BIG Café regularly and diligently provides invaluable feedback for fellow entrepreneurs. Fred saw the benefit of presenting at BIG Café and hopped on the train early. He decided to present at BIG Café on November 11, 2015. Fred sought out advice from local entrepreneurs at BIG Café in hopes of finding a good individual to bring on staff.

Fred David asked, “What are the avenues, and what are suggestions of places that I’m missing? Am I not asking the right questions of people to find a production person and a marketing person that could help me grow my business to the next level of where we need to be?” One suggestion included going out to different places like restaurants, for example, and watching the people actually work. Another suggestion was working with Georgia Southern University to develop an internship. Other suggestions included training replacements, looking at students from Ogeechee Tech, seeking out other mission groups and finding motivated people whom Fred could inspire.

Fred’s diligence to BIG Café paid off. After the event was over, several people went up to Fred and mentioned a young man called Taylor Genereux, a recent Georgia Southern University graphic design graduate, searching for a job. After an interview process, Fred decided to hire Taylor. Fred says, “He’s a wonderful young man; he’s been a great addition; and he’s the person I [was] looking for. So, I just wanted to say the BIG Café works.”

BIG Café can have the same impact on your business. If you want to solve a problem or issue, do not miss out on an amazing opportunity to resolve it by presenting at BIG Café! Thank you to all the local entrepreneurs, students and faculty members who make this program successful. Visit to watch Fred’s success story for yourself, or to view each BIG Café.

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