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May Client Spotlight


BIG Café has been a huge success to many local entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.  Each individual who attends BIG Café has the potential to gain knowledge that they may not have otherwise attained.  BIG Café brings forth solutions to real-world business problems. Larry Lester is a committed member to BIG Café, who began coming our second meeting and hasn’t missed one since.  Like many others, Larry has gained essential knowledge for business practice just from merely attending BIG Café.  However, the unparalleled benefit of presenting at BIG Café became apparent to Larry so he decided to maximize his benefit from BIG Café by presenting in December 2015.  cbalogoAt this time, Larry was in the beginning process of expanding his current business, CBA Flooring Company. CBA Flooring Company purchases quality flooring products from sustainable manufacturers and distributors to  market, promote, advertise and sell these products through catalogs, websites, ecommerce, and public relations at a low cost.  They also alliance the flooring services via subcontract of experienced individuals and companies for a rapid service turnaround time.  Since BIG Café, Larry says that “my business has had significant progress.” Larry has been able to establish accounts with flooring manufacturers and distributors, network with many entrepreneurs, and receive great business advice from Jill, Suzanne, Ben, Becky, and Dominique.  Moreover, Larry has won his first commercial flooring bid, building relationships with community leaders, and is currently working on hiring new employees while establishing his company as an LLC. BIG is excited to see the positive impact it is having on the lives of those in the local community. BIG can provide you with the same opportunity as well!

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