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Retail Data 30-Mile and 30-Minute Around Lincolnton, Georgia


The Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development (BBRED) has a long-standing mission to serve the needs of our clients with timely and accurate information. In accordance with this mission, BBRED offers a series of short and quick reports with a heavy focus on numeric data. In most cases, these reports are ready within a week of the client’s initial request. The goal of these reports is to provide our clients with information they require to make decisions in real time. In mid-April, the research team completed just such a report for the Lincoln County development Authority. This report focused on the retail market within a 30-minute and 30-mile radius from Lincolnton, Georgia. It included retail gap data, retail spending by type of store and food away from home spending. The development authority is planning to use this information as part of an effect to add additional economic resources to this community. Finally, BBRED would like to thank the North American Development Bank and the GENIE program for financially supporting this research project.

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