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The Georgia Southern Business Innovation Group (BIG) will host the 3 Day Startup (3DS) Feb. 24-26 in the IT building on campus. 3DS is a weekend-long program for students to get their hands dirty, validate products and build prototypes in just three days.

Acting as a catalyst, 3DS is charged with being a jump start to launch real student-run businesses while building significant entrepreneurial skills. Georgia Southern is a host to 3DS along with other universities like MIT, Brown, Duke, Texas, and Florida. 3DS is a non-profit organization hosting events on five continents.  It began in 2008 in Austin, TX as a student organization.  

Interested students can apply online at Applications are due by Jan. 31, and admission decisions will be finalized by Feb. 6. Graduate and undergraduate students of all majors are encouraged to apply.  

Select students are chosen to participate from the total applicant pool and requested to attend the special 3DS weekend.   Experts in a range of fields from engineering, marketing, public relations, and finance are present during the three-day launch to act as mentors.

On the first day of 3DS, applicants asked to attend are assigned into small groups.  Each member pitches their idea to their group.  The group then votes on the two most compelling ideas.  The two students whose idea is chosen from each small group must pitch their idea in three minutes to the entire group. A third round of voting finalizes the top six to eight ideas to be developed during the three-day process.

Students whose idea did not make it to final selection are directed to identify  and work with the business idea most attractive to them. Each of the final ideas are composed by groups of all participants. Students across all majors are asked to apply because they add needed skills from a diversity of disciplines.   For more information contact Suzanne Hallman at 912-478-5586 or by e-mail at 

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