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November Student Spotlight

Georgia Southern freshman Zachary Lemons is a goal-oriented student with a very clear vision of his future, a future that includes law and a pretzel business.

Though only a sophomore, Lemons is the incoming president for the Enactus student organization. Enactus uses entrepreneurship as a vessel to create a more sustainable world by helping local businesses and other organizations develop sustainable practices.

The organization accomplishes much of its mission through competitions in which students come up with service projects in their communities. Lemons enjoys these competitions where, he says, “everyone wins.”

“I love competing in general, but I also love that Enactus competitions are essentially a competition about who has made a greater impact on their communities,” he said. “It is a club where everyone wins because everyone competes to see who can help their communities the most, which is an amazing thing to me.”

Lemons is a highly motivated and goal-oriented student. He holds a 4.0 GPA, he is a double major in Political Science and Economics, and he plans to go to law school and become a lawyer. In addition, he hopes to start a pretzel business.

The young entrepreneur said when he was a child and his mother would take him to the mall or his father would take him to a football game, they would always buy him a soft, warm, salted pretzel. Ever since, he’s been a fan of the basic, salted pretzel, and hopes that a Zach’s Pretzel Shack can share that pleasure with others.

Through Enactus and the Business Innovation Group (BIG), Lemons gets access to advisors and connections that he believes will lead to his future business and career success. He enjoys connecting with BIG to implement Enactus projects, and has learned a great deal through these interactions.

“To me, entrepreneurship is not being afraid to put it all out there — for what you believe in even when you know that the odds of failing are high,” he said. “The most important character trait for a student seeking to be a business owner is not being afraid to take risks.”  

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