Business Innovation Group (BIG)
College of Business

Center for Entrepreneurial Learning and Leadership (CELL)

CELL is a developing center for entrepreneurship. Its mission is to “contribute to the economic and social well being of Statesboro and surrounding counties through entrepreneurship education and venture creation”. 

The Center has five principle areas of activity which are supported by research, human capital and networks.  These are:

  1. Programs and activities focused on entrepreneurship and small business management for students inside the College of Business.
  2. Programs and activities to support academics and other staff to embed entrepreneurship education in courses outside of the College of Business.
  3. Campus wide extra-curricular activities designed to raise students’ general enterprising skills.
  4.  Support systems to assist student and graduate entrepreneurship from amongst the student population at Georgia Southern University.
  5. Programs and activities to enhance the entrepreneurial potential of local and alumni entrepreneurial ventures.

For additional information, please contact Susan Hallman at or call 912-478-5586.

Last updated: 10/11/2017

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