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Innovation Incubator (I2)

The Innovation Incubator offers dedicated space to 20+ local entrepreneurs at City Campus in downtown Statesboro starting as low as $75/month.Layout

Watch the commercial or flip through the brochure to learn more.

Physical benefits for members include: a *hot desk or designated office space, meeting room use, shared printer access, wireless network access, access to AV equipment, access to shared office equipment, controlled access to a secure building, VIP admittance to select workshops and events, business address, mail management, and visibility on our website.

Developmental benefits for members include: advisement, coaching and leadership assessment; business consulting and technical assistance; access to University professors, class projects and student research; training classes – webinars, programs and workshops; market research; cash flow & financial projections; access to banks/investors.

Incubator Clients

** If you would like to be a client or are interested in registering for a free tour to see if the incubator is for you then please fill out the following Incubator Application

Ian Campbell Aves Avenue 1021C
Michele Purington WSAV (912) 704-7406 1024D
Susan Adams Total Wellness (912) 541-5511 1025E
Charlie Marucco Huron Consulting Group (212) 725-1501 1026F
Todd Bridges NYLIFE Securities LLC (912) 536-7468  1027G
Melody Vogt Notable Solutions (478) 319-7554 1032M
Jake Hallman and Jennie Knight Stouthouse Media (912) 536-2314  1033L
Evan Duffield Displacement Board Co Glass Cube K
Sally Minton Boro Takeout (912) 536-2000 Screen Cubes Q, N, P
Dal Cannady WTOC (912) 238-8454 Screen Cube O
Marie Williams Williams Events (912) 495-8550  Screen Cube T


*If you are a rural Georgia client looking for information on the virtual incubator, please visit our GENIE webpage.

*hot desk-a desk allocated to a worker for the time being, rather than belonging to a particular worker.




Last updated: 12/20/2017

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