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Internship Program

Download the College of Business Internship application

The internship program is an academic program designed to complement a student’s formal education with practical work experience. It is a supervised program, intended to allow upper-division students the opportunity to receive practical experience in their chosen field of study.

In the College of Business, students receive course credit for internships and, therefore, must register, verify attendance, pay tuition and fees, and submit interim and final Portfolio reports for a final internship course grade. Approval must be granted prior to registration by the student’s academic advisor.



An internship provides the opportunity for the student to apply concepts and theories learned in the classroom to practical situations, projects, and problems under the supervision and guidance of a practicing professional. Internships vary from co-ops in the following ways:

  • Academic credit may be awarded for internships but not for work-study or co-op experiences.
  • The internship application must be approved for registration prior to the beginning of the semester. Work performed during an internship must be applicable to the student’s program of study and done during the semester.
  • For academic credit to be approved, the internship opportunity must provide “value added” to the student’s program.


Academic Credit Guidelines

A maximum of three (3) semester hours of credit may be applied to a student’s program of study for a single internship experience.  A student may receive course credit as a major-, minor-, or emphasis elective, provided the prerequisites listed below are met, and one upper-division course in the major course of study has been completed.


Internship Prerequisites

Minimum prerequisite requirements for an internship are

  • junior status (minimum 60 credit hours),
  • admittance to the BBA program, includes business majors, minors, and emphases, and
  • academic qualification.



Internships will be graded on a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) basis. This means no letter grade will appear on the student’s transcript nor will a grade be calculated in the student’s GPA.

A Portfolio, submitted at the completion of the internship, will be a major part of every business internship experience. The portfolio will include

1.) background and profile of the sponsoring firm, agency or organization;

2.) summary, or log, of identifying activities, significant events, and important accomplishments;

3.) evaluation of how the internship might prove valuable in career advancement, along with identification of experience gained that would not have been accomplished in the classroom;

4.) completed Sponsor Evaluation of Intern Performance form; and,

5.) completed Student Internship Evaluation form.


Internship Limitations

If you would like to intern at a company, go to its website, contact its human resources department or representative, and see if it has a structured internship program and instructions on how to apply. When you are selected for an internship, please direct the company’s internship coordinator to contact Cindy Randall, 912-478-5107 or You may check the notebook in the Student Services Center, College of Business, Room #1100, for a list of companies currently inquiring about interns.

Internships with a current employer are not permitted unless the internship is in a different area (i.e., department, division) of the business than the employee’s current job, and the internship duties are significantly different than the duties of the current job. Internships in a family-owned business, when the student is a member of the family, are not permitted.

For a sample list of companies that have employed interns from Georgia Southern University, click here.


To Register

Download the College of Business Internship application and follow the checklist, submitting the completed application, forms, internship offer letter, acceptance letter, and job description to Cindy Randall, Assistant Dean of the College of Business, for approval. They may be delivered to Office #2253, or scanned and emailed to  Once approved, an email will be sent to you confirming approval and copied to your academic advisor for internship course registration. Once registered, your attendance will be verified on the first day of the academic semester, and the syllabus provided, by email. Then, tuition and fees will be assessed and paid, and interim and final Portfolio reports submitted for a final internship course grade.



The best advice anyone could offer on internships is to plan ahead. A successful internship takes time and planning. The process starts with your résumé and application. Qualification interviews, then, often follow where important considerations like the venue, job description, beginning and ending dates, and training opportunities are discussed.

Internships continue to be increasingly popular with College of Business students. Make plans, now, to join the growing ranks!

Last updated: 2/6/2018