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Business Technology

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Bridging the gap between business and technology

The Students of Business Technology is a special interest org located within the Department of Information Systems.  We are here to promote and educate our peers on the benefits of having an IS major/minor and the importance of receiving an SAP certification.

All Majors Are Invited!

Group Officers:

Samantha Alridge-Taylor, President

Matthew Whaley, Vice-President

Mr. Robert Szymanski, Faculty Advisor

 What do we do?

As an organization we serve our community by hosting information sessions, fundraisers, meetings where students can come and learn more on SAP and receive insight in to the world of SAP.

We work with representatives from various companies such as: Coca-Cola, BMW, SAP, Goodrich and many others to bring internship, co-ops and job shadowing opportunities to members of our organization. We are also active volunteers with the ASUG Georgia Chapter.

 What is ASUG?

Americas’ SAP User Group (ASUG), is a local forum where users of SAP, usually companies, get together in a structured manner and share their experiences with SAP. They relate the success or problems with implementation, effective ways to build from the ground up, how to maintain your system and when’s the right time to expand and still be relevant.

ASUG LogoSince Georgia Southern has the best SAP program in the South-East we are asked by the ASUG Georgia Chapter to volunteer and run the operations of the meeting. As students this is an exciting opportunity to meet employers in our field to gain knowledge on how our classes will be applied to the real world and who knows, you may even get a job offer while you’re there!

Last updated: 8/10/2015

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