Why minor in IS if you are a Logistics Major?









As more sophisticated technology is implemented across all organizations, demand for systems expertise will remain strong.
Information management is a key element of effective logistics management.  It is nearly impossible to successfully coordinate/collaborate with supply chain partners (suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers) without effectively managing the information required to collaborate or coordinate inter-organizational activities. Industry experts indicate that the importance of logistics information systems software continues to increase along with the demand for logistics professionals with IT expertise.  Because numerous supply chain management systems connect channel partner ERP systems, the IS minor with SAP® Certificate may be especially valuable.

Logistics Majors with IT expertise contribute to logistics and supply chain management (SCM) processes in organizations by:

    • Understanding the importance of effective information management in SCM and logistics processes
    • Assessing the potential of emerging technologies (such as RFID) and interoperable software applications (including EAI technologies) to provide an organization with sustainable competitive advantage
    • Evaluating different vendor systems (e.g. SCM solutions) to identify which ones most closely match the organization’s needs
  • Identifying IT-based approaches for streamlining the organization’s logistics and SCM processes

Logistics Majors who complete an IS minor (or a dual degree in Logistics and Information Systems) are well-positioned for jobs in consulting, government and military, manufacturing, retail, transportation, wholesale distributor, and other organizations.  They compete for jobs as:

eProcurement Managers
ERP Integration Consultants
Logistics Analysts
Logistics Specialists
Purchasing Managers

SAP FSCM Specialists
SAP NetWeaver Consultants
SAP Project Managers
Supply Chain Analysts
Supply Chain Managers

Last updated: 2/4/2016

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