Schedule an Advisement Appointment Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment with their advisor. Our center uses an online appointment system, Grades First. See below on how to make your appointment using Grades First. Appointments are held in the Student Success Center (College of Business Room 1101).

BEFORE Your Advisement Appointment:


PLEASE NOTE: If you are below 2.0 GPA, it is mandatory that you meet with a College of Business Success Coach, before receiving your RAN from your Academic Advisor.


Who Is My Advisor?

Your academic advisor is listed on your Wings Account. View your academic advisor through Wings by doing the following: (1) Log in to, then click “WINGS” in the My Services box. (2) Click “Student” (3) Click “Student Records” (4) Click “View Student Information and Assigned Advisor” (5) Choose term and click “Submit” (6) You should then see the name of your assigned advisor (which is listed as your “Primary Advisor”) To simplify, here is the break down: 

Advisor Advises students
Freshman/Sophomore Advisors
Kathryn Lapeyre A-Dan
Cassidy Horton Dao-Hof
Brittany Nichols Hog-Mer
Kelly Vance Mes-Sha
Katie Woods She-Z
Junior/Senior Advisors
Jahmal Rainey A-Den
Shecora Lovett Deo-J
Neily Burke K-Pr
Trevor Bruffy Ps-Z
Specialized Advisors
Amanda Maynard Graduation/Change of Major
Elizabeth Noles Success Coach
How to log into Grades First?
Grades First Instructions pdf
How to find advisement form on Grades First, once advised?
Find Advisement Form on Grades First pdf
 How do I change to a College of Business major?

We are thrilled that you want to change your major to one of the many we offer! In order to assure that all of your information is transferred to us correctly, please be sure to speak with your current advisor or advising center. You will complete the online process through MyGeorgiaSouthern and the advisors will do the rest. Once we have processed your online change-of-major form, you will be contacted through email regarding an advisement appointment.



Last updated: 1/29/2018

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