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Eagle Executive Society


The Eagle Executive Society was established in 1988 by Dean Carl Gooding. The purpose was to create an identifiable network of alumni, friends and supporters of the Georgia Southern College of Business. That network would become a perpetual resource for the College, its faculty, programs and generations of students.

All of our alumni are invited to become members of the Eagle Executive Society. Simply update your information by clicking here (Eagle Connect).  We look forward to staying in touch and will invite you to join us at networking events or at one of our exciting football tailgates.  To find the next opportunity to gather with other Eagle Executive Society members, visit the alumni events calendar here. Your involvement is important, and we thank you for your support.

A Perpetual Resource

A comprehensive, high quality business education involves more than just classroom instruction. Internships, professional connections, mentorships, and real-world experience also add invaluably to the development of successful executives and the progression of successful careers. Joining the Eagle Executive Society connects you to this ecosystem of learning, promoting student growth and professional success.

Your contribution to the Eagle Executive Society is an investment in the College of Business and in the value of our degrees. Each new member builds the network and makes our College stronger. Membership is available at various levels, as listed below, and, all contributions are greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, please contact Chris Osborne at or 912-478-5377.

Eagle Executive Society Incorporation Opportunities

All donations are tax deductible and will be deposited into the Georgia Southern Foundation to support the College of Business.

Eagle Interns (All Georgia Southern College of Business Alumni)

  • Receive the Dean’s monthly e-Newsletter, Taking Flight (email address required)

Eagle Assistant ($100 annually)

  • Subscription to the Eagle Executive magazine
  • Donor appreciation gift

Eagle Director ($300 annually)

  • Subscription to the Eagle Executive magazine
  • Donor appreciation gift

Eagle Associate ($600 annually)

  • Subscription to the Eagle Executive magazine
  • Donor appreciation gift

Eagle CEO ($1,200 annually)

  • Subscription to the Eagle Executive magazine
  • College of Business Polo Shirt
  • Limited edition College of Business print
  • Inclusion/recognition in the Georgia Southern University 1906 Society
  • Opportunity to place an advertisement in the Eagle Executive magazine

Eagle Executive Society – Student Chapter

The Student Eagle Executive Society is a membership-based club for students in the College of Business who are ready to take the next step professionally. By joining the Student Eagle Executive Society, you are connected to a network of more than 20,000 professionals. Among them are CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders from every industry.

Being a part of the Student Eagle Executive Society gives you the opportunity to engage this network and to attend various gatherings and events. There will be two annual events, a Golf Outing and an Etiquette Dinner. The Golf Outing will give you an opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively on the golf course in a business setting, while the Etiquette Dinner will help you master your etiquette skills, leaving a great impression at a business dinner. Other events may include guest speakers, LinkedIn bootcamps, and learning out-of-the-classroom skills.

Not only does the Student Eagle Executive Society offer various events to prepare you for the professional world, but it connects you with professionals who have chosen to be mentors. Through our alumni directory, you will have the opportunity to reach out and contact a mentor to better prepare yourself for the “big interview” for your dream internship and/or job.

The annual membership fee for the Student Eagle Executive Society is $30 and includes a t-shirt and free admittance to all events. Membership is open to all College of Business students, whether you’re a business major, business minor, or graduate business student. To join, students can stop by the College of Business Development & Alumni Relations Office, room 2200.

Eagle Student ($30 annually)

  • Eagle Executive Society T-Shirt
  • Free Admission to all Events
  • Limited edition College of Business print
  • Unlimited Access to the College of Business Alumni Advisor Network

Eagle Executive Society Members

Last updated: 9/10/2018